Free Evening Parking

Free Evening Parking

Universal Studios Orlando now offers free car parking after 6pm. Previously, anyone arriving in the evening for a meal or a show had to pay a hefty $20 for parking. Mind you the cynics amongst us might think they've dropped the charge because Disney Springs, their leading competition in Orlando, offers free parking 24/7 at their Disney Springs operation. I have to confess that as a family we've generally avoided Universal City Walk of an evening purely because of the charge. It's pricey to eat there and when you're having to stump up for parking before you've even reached the restaurant, it makes you think twice.

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Mind you, it's not all good news. Free Parking will not be available at universal all year. During the Halloween period, and I suspect in the period leading up to Christmas, a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the charge will be back!

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