Collective Thinking
The Booking Tips we've collected for this page have come from your fellow Guests, Homeowners and Tripelli team members. It's not an exhaustive list and it's something that will evolve over time. If you'd like to add something to this page, then email us at info@tripelli.com.

Whilst the vast majority of Properties listed on Tripelli, or any of the other leading Holiday Rental sites are genuine, there will always be unscrupulous individuals out there. So, our overriding advice when Booking a Vacation Rental home, or for that matter, arranging anything over the internet, is Buyer Beware.

Too Good to be True
Be very cautious of rentals that sound just too good to be true. Do your homework and have a good understanding of what price range you should be expecting. When you contact the Homeowner, if you're offered a heavily discounted price to the one we have on the site, then beware. Scammers are notorious for making the price seem way too appealing in the hope that you'll rush to hand over your money.

Compare and Contrast
When sending off a Booking Enquiry on the site, ideally try and send off enquiries for several properties, rather than just the one. Then, when you get the responses back, you can judge which Property best suits your needs and budget. Industry statistics for this, indicate that Guests who have enquired on at least five Properties tend to be more satisfied with their final selection.

Avoid Booking Fees
Tripelli doesn't charge the Guest a Booking Fee, but a number of Vacation Rental sites do. So even if you don't book through Tripelli, try and avoid using a site that does charge you for making a Booking. Paying a Booking Fee, particualy when it can be up to 9% of the Rental cost is effectively throwing money away.

What are you Renting?
There is always a risk of booking something sight unseen and this is the same on Tripelli as it is on any other Vacation Rental site. However, there are some sensible precautions that you can take when booking a Property and before you make payment. Whilst we take steps to ensure that what is advertised by a Homeowner/Manager is what is actually available, short of us interviewing the Homeowner at the Property, it's impossible to guarantee a listing found on any of the Vacation Rental sites is genuine, but remember that personal referrals from friends and family could give you a lead on a reliable rental.

You should also carry out due diligence on the property. It's too easy to become too focused on getting a deal, and not focused enough on getting the data points hat you need, or authenticating the property. To do this, look at all of the information available to you, including the owner's site, online reviews and what you find on social networking sites, like Facebook and of course, make use of Google.

Paying for the Rental
If possible, it's always best to pay for your Vacation Rental with a credit card, or alternatively Paypal. These payment methods will offer you more protection from fraud if you dispute the charges.

Avoid using debit cards attached to one of your bank accounts. If you're the victim of fraud, you will likely get your money back, but the process can be lengthy, and in the meantime, the missing funds could cause financial difficulties until the money is refunded. Contact your bank to find out what fraud protection they offer for your account(s).

Avoid wire transfers, using prepaid debit cards or using any payment method that is difficult to trace. Once that money is gone, it is very difficult to get it back.

If you're looking for a Property which is close a particular attraction or beach, etc, it's often the case that you can save money or rent a larger Property by choosing a location slightly further away. So, if you're comfortable with say an additional 10-15 minute drive, then consider a Property further out.